Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Feels like a princess!

031712 ♥ At last, the most awaited moment of my  life has finally arrived. For me,  this is the start of the realization of my dreams. Time is indeed so fast, that we haven’t even noticed how our little girl has become, and bloomed into a lady. This night is the most precious night. Although the 3 special man in my life is not here. But my family, friends, and relatives feels me the comfort and care. 

Pink Cocktail Gown, Accessories, Pink Shoes from PRP and My invitation 



The entire set

18 Candles

18 roses

awezome mom!

18 gifts

Valledor Family!

Cabrera Family!

Mother side!

My cousins

Thank you Lord for this wonderful night. I had so much fun. :)

Search for Prince and Princess '12

My outfit during the pageant. 

                     My top thanks to my cousin a birthday gift. My short thanks to BestFindsThriftshop. Thank you! <3

Some of the candidates wearing their Goddesses attire 

                                          Being a judge is a wonderful experience :)                                    
                                              My co- candidates! Prince and Princess 2008

My wonderful mom! <3
                                                                 My RIC Family